Team Coaching

The MaST Difference

We will help define the most appropriate approach for your team and through relevant and realistic coaching, provide your teams with the attitudes and interpersonal skills to become to achieve even higher levels of business success.

provide competence-based coaching in line with those of the organisation
apply diagnostic tools, e.g. 360° feedback and style profiles, on a person-by-person basis.
assess issues on a three-way basis – coach, individual and organisation
fully involve the business from the very beginning in the planning, monitoring and evaluation process
consider the organisational context and how it affects people’s behaviour

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The MaST approach to Team Coaching is to add to their existing technical skills and improving their understanding by adopting better interpersonal skills as a credible pathway to long term development and success.
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Team Coaching

Improving Business Success by Improving Relationships

Building great teamwork.

We believe people and relationships are at the heart of business success, and that teams are the key force driving in most organisations. If members of a team don’t work well together, performance and productivity can suffer. Which is not a good outcome.

But even if a team is meeting its objectives, there’s often room for improvement.

How do we help your teams improve? With sound coaching you can help your team become even more effective. It’s a valuable activity, and in many organisations, coaching is regarded as an essential management tool.

People must learn to work together and understand how to relate to one another – otherwise the team’s output will not be as positive as it could be.

Your performance challenges

Real success in today’s business environment depends on both technical and interpersonal skills. People need to be able to perform both their technical role, and also communicate well with clients and colleagues. In the long term this ability to relate well with others will have a significant impact on business outcomes and personal career progression.