Sales Coaching

The main challenge

Not all Managers have the training or experience to deliver coaching in a consistent and timely manner. Many Managers are intimidated by the thought that they may need to answer questions with ‘I don’t know!’

MaST can undertake the coaching of your staff for your behalf, with your goals and aspirations as our target
MaST can train your managers how to be effective coaches, and support them with a ‘Coach the Coach’ program

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The MaST approach to Sales Coaching is to provide support in a way that identifies a clear forward path so goals can be achieved.
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Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching is rapidly becoming a standard skill in a Sales Manager’s toolkit, and is now frequently included as an essential skill when recruiting new Supervisory and Management staff.

Sales Coaching is a key means of developing staff in an ongoing, stress free manner. As part of a sound coaching program, staff are encouraged to design their own development plans, enabling them to develop at their own pace, whilst assuming responsibility for their own learning and development, and the achievement of sales targets

We will assess the different personality styles of sales staff – just as we do with clients, and then learn to deliver a consistent message in a range of appropriately different styles.

It’s a wonderful skill that’s easy on people but tough on issues!