Performance Management

What you will gain from Performance Management:

Employee alignment to company / departmental / team strategy
Increased capability
Cost efficiency
Competitive in the market place
Flexibility to move with change
Motivated workforce
Higher level of staff retention
Valuable management information

The individual benefits from using Performance Management:

Extrinsic reward i.e. financial
Intrinsic reward i.e. praise
Career opportunities
Sense of purpose

Our comprehensive range of services address the key performance management issues and enable organisations to introduce, update and improve their own processes. We can tailor our approach with you to meet the specific issues facing your organisation.

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The MaST approach to Performance Management is to have discussions that provide clear paths to success, with no surprises!
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Performance Management

Redundancies are common place, globalisation is the norm, change is constant and jobs are not for life. Employees along with their skills and knowledge move more frequently from one competitor to another. Organisations ignore the adage ‘people are a company’s best asset’ at their peril.

Recognising, valuing and developing individuals’ input encourages strong performance, thus leading to profitability for the organisation. Performance Management processes, implemented effectively, address both the needs of the organisation and those of the employee.

Sadly so many attempts at performance management have resulted in managers and staff resenting the process. It’s viewed as too complicated or too bureaucratic or a tool to beat poor performers with!

MaST International’s philosophy is to keep the processes, tool and systems as simple as possible thus optimising their effectiveness. The organisation receives the management information it needs to progress and individuals realise the value of their participation in the process.

Essentially Performance Management can be broken down on to three key elements: