Negotiation Skills

Course content includes:

Understand the importance of assertiveness in negotiations
Appreciate the benefits of a win-win outcome
Use active listening skills and probing techniques in a negotiation
Manage the process of negotiations more effectively
How to ‘Close the deal’
Recognise the use of tactics and how to deal with them

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The MaST approach to Negotiating is to get the deal done.
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Negotiation Skills

The ability to negotiate confidently is an important business skill. It involves achieving your objectives in a fair and reasonable manner – it does not depend on winning at any price; it is about creating a climate of team work and mutual cooperation. This course will enable you to understand and apply a set of processes, styles and tactics to achieve your objectives and develop productive, long-term business relationships that save time, effort and money.

Naturally, a key component of our program is the skill to close a deal.