Managing Effectively

Course content includes:

Course content includes;
Management foundations and team objectives
Goal setting
Identifying action plans with staff
Handling conflict to achieve a satisfactory outcome
What motivates employees
Leadership styles and when to use them
How to delegate
Counselling for improved performance

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The MaST approach to Management is to provide support so Managers can focus on long term development and objectives with confidence.
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Managing Effectively

Staff need to be effectively managed if they are to produce the outputs required by an organisation. This course is designed to give managers the interpersonal, management and communication skills needed to overcome barriers to success and raise your team’s performance¬†– ensuring that goals are achieved, morale is kept high and staff turnover minimised.

Once the course is complete you should be able to;

  • Develop a performance description for your team members that clearly outlines job responsibilities and standards
  • Design performance goals and action plans that will help your staff achieve or exceed performance standards
  • Use positive reinforcement techniques to motivate your staff
  • Counsel staff when performance deficiencies are identified
  • Identify the most appropriate leadership style to use with each member of staff
  • Recognise their current managerial strength and those areas for personal improvement
  • Design action plans for self-development.