Industry Skills Fund

Training Grants

The Training Grant helps you with the cost of training, including;

training that is identifiable, transferrable by a learner and builds the capability of a learner

high quality, innovative or tailored training that may not yet be part of a training package or accredited course. This can include different combinations of training modules to form new skill sets and training tailored to meet specific business needs.

MaST can provide training to help you grow your business through customised:

Sales development and coaching
Leadership and management skills
Business coaching and mentoring
Strategic business planning

The MaST approach to Industry Skills Fund grants is to take the opportunities gathered through the Skills Advice service and help you with the professional implementation of strategies to help you achieve YOUR success.
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Industry Skills Fund

The $476 million Industry Skills Fund – Growth Stream (the fund) is a key element in the Australian Government’s Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda and will provide up to 200,000 training places and support services over four years.

The fund assists industry to invest in training and support services, and to develop innovative training solutions. The fund will help build a highly skilled workforce that can take advantage of new business growth opportunities and adapt to rapid technological change.

For many business owners, growth and development involves moving outside areas of comfort (such as manufacturing, organising and planning, and into areas where they are not so comfortable and need training in areas such as sales, marketing, people management, strategy and planning.