Individual Coaching and Mentoring

The MaST coaching difference

MaST has over 30 years of experience and material to draw upon, with access to issues experienced internationally and solutions offered by partner offices located in Australia, UK and Ireland, Singapore, and Africa.

MaST is a stable and well established business dedicated to learning and development with a wide range of offerings in addition to coaching.

We have a policy of ‘continued support’ whereby the individual can feel free to contact their coach by email or phone, even after the programme has ended.

Unlike other training and coaching methods, MaST coaching is able to:

provide competence-based coaching in line with those of the organisation
apply diagnostic tools, e.g. 360° feedback and style profiles, on a person-by-person basis.
assess issues on a three-way basis – coach, individual and organisation
fully involve the business from the very beginning in the planning, monitoring and evaluation process
consider the organisational context and how it affects people’s behaviour.

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The MaST approach to Coaching is to provide a clear path forward so your staff can achieve their goals and maintain a higher level of performance.
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Individual Coaching

The MaST Coaching service is a powerful tool to help managers and staff achieve the results they want in their personal and professional lives by deepening their skills, improving their performance, and enhancing their quality of life.

Each individual will have a series of one-to-one sessions with their personal coach to tackle agreed issues. The coach may also employ MaST’s extensive range of diagnostic tools to provide meaningful feedback to the individual and, in some cases, gather feedback from other colleagues. Throughout the coaching process the coach will review progress against the agreed goals, reporting at macro (organisational impact) and micro (individual goal) levels.

A realistic approach

Over the last 30 years MaST has accumulated a wealth of experience in training and personal development, which has gone into creating the MaST coaching programme.

The MaST coaching approach is founded on understanding both the strategic aims of your business, and the real needs of its people and teams, in order to deliver practical solutions that directly contribute to the growth of the company.

Initially we work with you, the organisation, and the executive to be coached, to identify the issues to be addressed. We will discuss the ideal outcomes; formulate a development plan and select a coach from our wide range of experienced staff.

Why MaST? Because not only do we have the theoretical knowledge, we have practical experience building and transforming a number of businesses.