Coach the Coach

MaST will work with you

We will help define the most appropriate model for your coaches to use and through relevant and realistic training and case studies and role plays, provide your leaders with the skills to become the effective coaches essential to the achievement of business goals.

Unlike other training and coaching methods, MaST coaching is able to:

provide competence-based coaching in line with those of the organisation
apply diagnostic tools, e.g. 360° feedback and style profiles, on a person-by-person basis.
assess issues on a three-way basis – coach, individual and organisation
fully involve the business from the very beginning in the planning, monitoring and evaluation process
consider the organisational context and how it affects people’s behaviour.

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The MaST approach to Coach the Coach is to help Organisations establish a coaching culture as a credible pathway to long term development and success.
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Coach the coach

The art of coaching and mentoring is an increasingly important skill for everybody within an organisation, not only because we learn much of what we know from the people we work with – whether they be colleagues or managers – but because it is also one of the most cost-effective means of sharing knowledge. MaST can develop programmes to help your managers and staff learn and develop the skills needed to be an effective coach.

Let MaST help you develop your Managers and Leaders to become the effective Coaches your organisation needs.

Developing your leaders

Developing your leaders and managers as coaches is a worthwhile investment because they are the resource best placed to provide timely, individual, and goal-oriented support that retains your best talent and prepares them for future opportunities.

Building a group of leaders who have a defined method of coaching together with the capability to coach extends the reach of your development efforts through the whole organisation.

MaST can even help you design a complete organisational structure to ensure that coaching and development opportunities become an entrenched and valued aspect of your management processes.