MaST Theatre

Don’t we already have enough Drama?

Our clients find that by focusing on sensitive issues with drama, strategies can be discussed openly and creatively, and in such a way that the messages and conclusions are remembered long after the event. In business, theatre is best used where:

there is an important but rather dry message to be communicated. Employees may have already received literature and even training to facilitate the message but there is, as yet, no ‘buy-in’. Attitudes or thinking need to be stimulated or challenged at any level
the awareness of specific issues in the workplace need to be heightened
the issues concerned are primarily personal or emotional, or involve the different ways in which people work and treat one another
a company is going through changes and the reasons behind a strategy need to be communicated or if the commitment of staff needs to be increased
a company needs to reiterate information that staff already know, and needs an approach which is fresh and imaginative where there is an existing strategy which needs re-invigorating
there is an existing strategy which needs re-invigorating
a company needs an element of interaction and fun when getting a message across

MaST Theatre

The value of using drama within our programs has always been its ability to engage the mind and the emotions in equal measure and above all to instigate real change in the work place. We use drama as a fluid resource within training. We keep it truthful, recognisable, realistic and above all enjoyable.


Our Specialist Solutions

MaST Theatre was set up in 1990. It was the founder of interactive theatre as a training tool and is still the market leader in this field. Run by a team who have a background in management and consultancy, it draws upon the expertise of professional writers, directors, actors and technicians, all of whom understand business issues.


Our Philosophy

All training and conferences have a common purpose – to bring about some form of change within an organisation. But organisations can only change if the people within it change. MaST Theatre challenges the attitudes that govern our behaviours. By working on the hearts as well as the minds of delegates, the reasons for change can be more easily understood and the effects of maintaining the status quo can be felt.