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Becoming a better Leader & Manager

In today’s highly competitive and changing business environment, long-term business success depends upon maximising the value of your people. To do so, managers must have the business, management and interpersonal skills to lead successfully, overcome barriers and raise team performance.

Our research has shown that it is very rare to find any of the proficiencies of leading, managing and team working operating in isolation. The business dynamics of group inter-action demand that everyone in a management role has to understand and be practised at an agility of style, and be capable of responding to a myriad of situations, almost as a matter of routine.propellor


No two management tasks are absolutely identical and no two teams are identical.

They require different solutions, processes and interactions, which take into account the business issues faced and the performance improvement that is required. For example, managing the dynamics of a virtual team require using traditional interpersonal skills in a totally new way, using technology as the interface. Consequently the style of leadership and team interactions differs as dynamically as does the management challenge and its solution.

The key characteristics of MaST’s Leadership Solutions™ are that it:

Is focused upon the issues facing the business and the required improvement in performance
Positively improves the ability to lead, manage and conduct teamwork
Is modular in design, so that it can be rapidly tailored to the demands of your business
Is designed to reflect the career path of today’s business manager as they evolve from team leader through to be in charge of a strategic business unit
Is founded upon a carefully researched set of competencies, which with appropriate review diagnostics, can deliver real results for the business
To be effective, leader interaction and style has to be adaptive, responsive and agile to deal with both the context and the current environment.

MaST’s Leadership Skills Training & Management Development aims are:

To raise the quality of leading, managing and team working in business at all levels
To help people discover and develop leading, managing and team working capabilities

MaST Australia has been researching, designing and delivering programmes to build leading, managing and team working skills for over 30 years.

Recent MaST research has clarified the proficiencies leaders, managers and team workers need to operate effectively in today’s demanding business climate, either in a virtual team environment or in a more traditional co-existing environment.
These research findings have enabled us to develop MaST Leadership Solutions – a pragmatic, business issue driven and competency based approach to leading, managing and team working, acknowledging that a good leader also needs a mix of good management processes and a supportive and motivated team.

The MaST Leadership Solutions range of modules encompass sound and well-tested principles of leadership supported by good management and effective team working skills.

The MaST Approach focuses on the key elements which are:

Leadership - inspiring people to take a journey and creating change.
Management - building the processes, methods and disciplines to ensure achievement.
Team Working - harnessing the energy created from the diversity of any team.
Blending all these elements creates the best mix of proficiencies which enable business objectives to be pursued more effectively.

Individuals require a combination of leading, managing and team working skills which differ depending on experience and management level within the company. MaST Leadership Solutions has been specifically designed to reflect this.

Using the analogy that the Propeller Model represents the organisation, the propeller does not need equal amounts of leading, managing and team working in order for it to turn, or to create operational balance. The shape of the propeller is determined by the organisational needs and the situation prevailing at the time. A Mast diagnostic defines the current balance in your organisation, providing focus for future development.


MaST believes that there is a need for balance and links between leading, managing and team working. Achieving the right balance enables organisations to deliver Business performance more effectively and efficiently in complex environments.

Our research shows that each area of management within any organisation has specific roles and therefore specific development needs. MaST Management Training Melbourne encompasses the changing emphasis between leading, managing and team working depending on managerial position.


The MaSTerCoach Executive Coaching service is a powerful tool to help senior managers achieve the results they want in their personal and professional lives by deepening their skills, improving their performance, and enhancing their quality of life. Each individual will have a series of one-to-one sessions with their personal coach to tackle agreed issues. The coach may also employ MaST’s extensive range of diagnostic tools to provide meaningful feedback to the individual and, in some cases, gather feedback from other colleagues. Throughout the Executive Coaching process the coach will review progress against the agreed goals, reporting at macro (organisational impact) and micro (individual goal) levels.