MaST can support you in a couple of ways:

Individual Coaching
Coach the Coach
Team Coaching

The MaST approach to Coaching is to provide a clear path forward so your staff can achieve their goals and maintain a higher level of performance.
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Coaching is rapidly becoming a standard skill in a Manager’s toolkit, and is now listed as an essential skill when recruiting new Supervisory and Management staff.

Coaching is a key means of developing staff in an ongoing, stress free manner. As part of a sound coaching program, staff are encouraged to design their own development plans, enabling them to develop at their own pace, whilst assuming responsibility for their own learning and development.

It’s a wonderful skill that’s easy on people but tough on issues!

The main challenge is that not all Managers have the training or experience to deliver coaching in a consistent and timely manner. Many Managers are intimidated by the thought that they may need to answer questions with ‘I don’t know!