About Us

About MaST

Welcome to MaST Australia, the learning and development consultancy that equips business people with the personal and professional skills they need to be truly effective in their roles. For over 30 years we’ve been identifying and meeting the development needs of people from across the globe.

Whether you’re a line-manager keen to improve the performance of your team or the head of training in need of a customised development programme tailored to your company’s particular needs, MaST has an approach suited to you.

In-house training and Development

Unique courses tailored to your team, department or organisation’s current and future needs.
Executive Coaching through One-on-one sessions will examine particular problems and impart new methods and motivation for overcoming them.
Specialised services (such as Theatre) for large scale change management and cultural change programs.

The MaST difference?

We’re all experienced business people – we have been the ones to provide results when the chips were down. So we understand the challenges you face – after all, we work in your reality!

All of our consultants are experts in their subject areas, are skilled facilitators and have that practical business experience that helps them quickly understand and adapt to your world and reality.

We can work with you to develop your own unique culture where people feel safe to thrive and proud to belong. We develop a common understanding of innovative leadership, great management, high performing teams and relationships that go beyond traditional assumptions and norms. We help you discover and translate your individual proposition so that you compete from a position of strength.

Our strong belief that learning and development should be a process rather than an event will continue as our central, core philosophy.

Only by helping our people become successful can we remain successful ourselves. MaST’s leadership training can help develop your organisation’s most precious resource through ourLeadership and management training andpersonal development courses.